Comments From Real Dental Professionals & Consumers

Kevin J.

“Just from the sense of mouth-feel after I am done brushing with the Novoral Cleaning Foam, it seems like the foam is doing a better job of removing plaque and bacteria than an ordinary toothpaste. It feels like I have had a dental cleaning every day!”

Richard K.

“Wow! - I have been a dedicated Crest Toothpaste user for the last 30 years. But I was amazed at how good my teeth felt and looked after brushing with your Novoral Cleaning Foam. My teeth feel cleaner long after I've brushed, even after a meal. You guys have definitely set the new standard for a consumer dental cleaning product.”

David C.

“I love my new Novoral Dual-Foam™ Teeth Whitening System. I am ordering now for the family so I can get a jump on next Christmas. What an improvement in the whiteness of my teeth! And it was so easy and convenient. There is nothing else like this product.”

Nancy C.

“In my experience, the Novoral Dual-Foam™ Teeth Whitening System provides a more thorough cleaning that seems to last longer. I especially notice tingling fresh feeling I get in my mouth after each use. I’m looking forward to seeing what my dentist notices.”

Eve S.

“The Novoral Cleaning & Whitening Swabs System is one of those products that comes along only once in one's lifetime. The swabs are simply amazing. It has elevated my oral hygiene to new heights... Now I can clean my teeth and remove the stains wherever I go! PS, try using them after drinking red wine...amazing! ”

Bill L.

“Thank you for your wonderful Novoral Tooth Gloss. My teeth feel so much cleaner and it gives my teeth an instant shiny white appearance. The clean fresh felling compares to the feeling you get after a dental hygienist cleans your teeth. My teeth are truly sparkling clean and white.”

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