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“All-Natural” KIDS SLS-Free Teeth Cleaning Gel

Highest Quality KIDS SLS-FREE Tooth Cleaning Gel

Formulated with vision, compassion, expertise and care. Its what you would expect from the Novoral Corporation. This is a great SLS-Free, Xylitol-enriched formula from a world leading authority and from a company that truly cares about children's oral health.

  1. Formulated by a REAL Dentist & PhD Scientist

  2. Peroxide-Free. All Natural. No Dangerous SLS

  3. Clean & convenient, stand-up pump dispenser

  4. Highest quality, healthy ingredients

  5. Contains Xylitol for Fluoride-free cavity protection

  6. Low Abrasivity for Tooth Enamel and Gum Safety

  7. Yellow bubblegum flavored gel. Highly delicious!

Its a FACT™: Click HERE to learn about our brilliant new patent-pending Foaming Action Cleaning Technology.

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