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Instant Whitening & Luster - Novoral Tooth Gloss®


Formulated with vision, compassion, expertise and care. Its what you would expect from the Novoral Corporation. This is the world’s ONLY instant tooth gloss. It is important to keep in mind that as the amount of gloss and luster of teeth increases, the whiter they will appear!

  1. Formulated by a REAL Dentist & PhD Scientist

  2. Abrasive-Free and Peroxide-Free

  3. All Natural. No Dangerous SLS

  4. Imparts very high luster on teeth instantly

  5. Teeth appear to be much whiter immediately after use

  6. High-mint delicious refreshing flavor

  7. Beautiful crystal clear gel.

  8. Use whenever an instant  “whitening boost” is desired

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