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Dual-Foam™ Features:

Novoral®  Dual-Foam™ Whitening System

  1. Peroxide-Free & All Natural Ingredients

  2. No Trays. No Strips. Just Brush-On

  3. Cleans and Whitens in just 1-3 weeks

  4. Works on both teeth & dental work

  5. Not Just Whitening: Cleaning & Whitening

  6. Easier to apply than trays or strips

  7. Beautiful cosmetic style packaging

  8. Available in delicious minty flavor

  9. Foams works better than pastes or gels

  10. Clinically proven better than pastes

  11. Bubbles get to spaces between teeth

How Supplied  

Complete System: $34.95 USD

Dual-Foam® Whitening System:

(1) 50 mL Cleaning Foam bottle

(1) 50 ml Whitening Foam bottle

Individual Bottles

Novoral® Foam Singles

(1) 50 mL Cleaning Foam bottle

(1) 50 ml Whitening Foam bottle

  1. Actual results: Dual-Foam™ System applied 2x daily for four (4) weeks. Lower teeth were brushed with regular toothpaste only.

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